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Originally Posted by X3 View Post
Yes I was referring to bytes, but libojun is saying that hes translated it and that the translation doesn't work or show up.
Well, actually, some "measurement unit" already has its corresponding translation norms and a good
quality, not only in Chinese but also others language. (such as Japanese, Korean) You can Search them at , it would be help to you!

I also noted that the localize team of Portuguese does not going to translate some of "measurement unit", maybe due to the customs and habits or something else.

My suggestion is, keep all of similar strings in the language file, and give all of translators the rights to choose if they need/want to translate them or not, and respect their choice and customs and habits.

Nowadays, the FlashFXP no longer a "English Only" program, it would be a "International Multilingual software". So I just hope it could keeps an "Open and Tolerant attitude" eyes to the future!
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