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Originally Posted by X3 View Post
If Everywhere in Chinese, like OS and other common programs you find these things also translated then the translation should be equal to that which is commonly found (so its consistent and accurate).

Some things are not meant to be translated because they are universal, like mathematical terms, measurement units. But having said that Im not familiar with Chinese.

Interpreting and translating is not equal. Most of time I find translations are interpretations rather than translations and most of the time they are interpreted inaccurately and incorrectly.
Well, maybe you misunderstood what I want to express.

I just means somewhere other programs has been translated (such as a standard multi-language software of Microsoft ), and the previous version of FlashFXP has also Included that strings, but the new version does not works correctly, so it would be a bug in the new version, and it should be fixed. No more means! Maybe you Imagined that as "Everything Should Be Translated, No One Can Be Left!"

And, I have checked the string "A61D0EFA=Modified", 100% sure that is a "Fixed and full Locally string", not the "server side strings". (You can Confirm it by yourself)
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