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Im not sure if I understand exactly what you mean by this, I cant see anything quoted in the English part, if the translators have quoted the translation string and that's not correct then surely then the translation should be right.

I also dont know what "one by one" and "all in one" means, do you mean that different individual translated words are being mixed together to create a new sentence?? IF yes then it is a problem, currently FFXP uses string combinations to create a message and ideally because other Languages are not as simple as English, the mixing ends up creating a wrong resulting translation.
I have suggested that instead of using string A + String B to create a new sentence/phrase or line that such translations become a whole new stringset and they are translated as a whole.

All and all In Portuguese for e.g. where there can exist Nouns, Verbs, Masculine and Feminine in one sentence can result in very wrong compound translations, I can only imagine what other complex Languages like Chinese handle this.

I would like to see the examples of what you mean by "Different Language in Different Environments would got Different translation"
In v5 The Portuguese Translation got a massive overall and is still under review, The accuracy of the Translation was around 60% at best, it is now over 90% those 10% missing are for the compound strings still in use. It took me weeks to improve the translation and there is much work to do still. The point is that The words in PT Windows OS MUI vs FFXP Translated Words are now the same, for e.g. Copy, Paste, Delete etc.

Yes Translators work is not easy, but hopefully the feedback We provide to bigstar is improving the translator and strings, just because of this feedback I provided bigstar has fixed many issues in the strings and how and where they are used. Much work remains to be done, but it is being done. I have suggested string comments so that we can include information like where the translation is used other useful info so thta translators dont have to find out like I did, that some translations were in wrong context resulting in confusing results.

Thanks for reading this long post and hopefully it will help you in some way.

Well, I have got a easy way to solve this problem, maybe other similar problems can be solved like this!
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