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Originally Posted by libojun View Post
2. The problem of Asian "Double Byte Character Set" still not solved

Well, it seems that the default character set and the environment of FlashFXP does not support or compliant with the Asian "Double Byte Character Set", and the FlashFXP Splited the "Full Double Byte Chinese Character" into two "Single Byte Characters", so it made the current version"Cannot show Chinese Correctly"!

And, I think the Japanese and Korean language would got the same problem because they use the "Double Byte Character Set" also!
Are you 100% that the translation is correct?

I am fairly sure that this issue is caused by a bad language translation file.

We have had a problems with the translation sent during submission not being UTF8 encoded and instead they were sent as double byte characters. FlashFXP and the translation manager expects the text as UTF8, while double byte characters may render correctly under some conditions they will not everywhere and that is why we use UTF8. I am still trying to figure out why, when, and how this happened, its possible that when the base of these translations were converted from v4.x that the conversion process was flawed.

Additionally the language files on our website located here should not be used with v5.0, they are v4.x specific.
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