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Default Partition size remaining.


When using Flash FXP to connect to my original xbox everything is fine - I can see all the drives and successfully transfer all files etc.

However, Flash FXP use to report at the end of every transfer the space left on the drive - it would also do this when you first successfully connected.
You could then see if you needed to delete anything in order to fit the new data on the drive.

I recently updated to version 4 and now this functionality has disappeared .
I have tried to regress but even on an earlier version this no longer shows.
So Flash FXP no longer tells me how much space is left on drive or partition no matter what I do or what I tweak.
I'm now getting partial transfers as there's not enough space etc.

Is there a command line I could add to calculate this for me (space left free on drive / partitions)?

Any help would be appreciated.
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