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Originally Posted by bigstar View Post
I made some experimental changes taking everything I found into consideration.

Can you please try this update (its just the flashfxp.exe w/o the setup)

These changes effect the way the filename and ext are extracted from the full pathname
This build works like a charm.

And I have also noticed that the "Local browser" label looks correct on build 3657. It was not on build 3650.

FYI I tested the issue on both Win8 and Win2012, both are native Simplified Chinese version. I'm not sure if there's any difference between Win7 and 8.

Thanks for the work!
Beta testing environment
* * Intel i7-4770 * 16G RAM * SSD * 3 HDD *
* * Simplified Chinese Windows 10 *
* * Intel i5-5200U * 12G RAM * SSD * HDD
* * Simplified Chinese Windows 10 *

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