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Currently we have not implemented a method of setting the owner/group via our user interface, but it's easy for us to add support via a raw command.

In my initial testing it seems that only chown by UID is supported though this may vary depending on the SFTP server software.

The new command will be executed using the following raw command.

Syntax: SITE CHOWN <uid>[:<gid>] <file>
Example: SITE CHOWN www-data:www-data "/var/www/FlashFXP example/"

If a field contains (or may contain) a space such as a path-name then the value must be double quoted.

Now if this is something you'd be interested in testing please let me know and I can send you a special build with experimental support, otherwise it will be included in the next public release.

P.S. I did something very similar awhile back to allow creating symbolic links. For those that aren't aware of this raw command command. Syntax: SITE SYMLINK <LinkPath> <TargetPath>

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