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When ioftpd enters a directory for the first time it has to scan all the immediate subdirs reading the .ioftpd files to get the permissions, owner, size and symlink status. There is really no way around that right now. Unless you have enabled the no_subdir_sizing option (it's off by default) it also tallies up the total size of all the files in the subdir and counts the number of subdirs of that dir. It only goes 1 level down from whatever directory you are viewing though. This allows ioftpd to correctly display information in the long directory listing format for all the columns. I don't think any other window's ftp bothers to get things right...

However you may also notice the server caching directory listings on startup. That's the preloading features [VFS_PRELOAD] which you can disable by setting VFS = DISABLE. However if it takes you a little while to get a directory listing when you do log in you'll probably appreciate the fact that you can have the server cache things ahead of time... You can even make it cache the whole thing if you want. If you have a large number of dirs do up the size of your directory cache since you will just be wasting time if it won't all fit.
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