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There are 2 things that happen by default as soon as an incoming connection is detected. The server attempts to reverse resolve the hostname, and it sends an ident request back to the client. The ident_timeout = 0 should prevent the server from asking for an ident request at all, and the Ignore_HostMask_Idents = true option should prevent the server from caring about ident differences in hostmasks since you are no longer asking for them. I think you got everything right!

Perhaps the problem isn't ident requests at all, but the reverse DNS lookup? If no response is received you'll likely see yourself as connected from an IP address rather than a hostname. Try a 'site swho' on yourself and you should see an IP line with your IP and a Host line with the reverse resolved hostname. If you don't have a hostname then the IP didn't reverse resolve. ioFTPD isn't doing anything fancy here, it's simply asking the OS to perform the lookup and using whatever the DNS resolver uses for timeouts so I don't know if I have any control over it. There is a Hostname_Cache_Duration feature so the server internally caches these results however. You can try making this a much larger value (say a few days) so things don't time out very often to see if that helps...
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