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The drive is entirely not accessible. In AD, the user Home folder is mapped to H: and located on the PDC, but it doesn't show or allow access through Windows Explorer. The H: drive contains a folder WINDOWS, which is where FlashFXP trips. For completeness, I should add that user folders are redirected to the PDC, might be relevant.

What I do think, however, that basically, there's nothing so important there, that FlashFXP should trip there... As you stated above, the IconCache.db is located in the user profile, which in this case is also redirected to the server, yet IS accessible, and therefor should not create this particular problem. But then again, I'm no programmer and miss the more detailed knowledge of how this could create the issue. As far as I'm concerned, it could be a "bug" or it make complete sense to someone more knowledgeable to the deeper workings of Windows.

Either way, our customer is very happy to have the problem solved after a long time, and in the process, I fixed another problem with Adobe Acrobat 9, when it would crash on opening a Word document, converting and emailing it directly, and Acrobat would crash at that very moment (at least 99 out of 100 tries)
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