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If this isn't possible and/or can't be implemented, how about an option to run a program when a scheduled transfer is finished?

For example, you can currently have FlashFXP exit, or log off the computer, or shut it down. If there were an option to start a specific program, I'd point it towards a batch file that does what I need and have that run. I cannot schedule the batch file on its own because it has to happen after the transfer, not during, and the transfer finishes at a different time depending on how many new files there were.

In the meantime I am going to have another program watch FlashFXP's log folder, and when a new log is created for this job (signifying the job is done), it will trigger the batch file. I'd rather not rely on that because said program resides on a different computer from the one FlashFXP and the batch file are on.

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