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Default Move Contents of Folder

I am using 4.3.1 build 1951 with a business license on Server 2008 R2.

Every night we transfer files from one location to another. This transfer uses a rule where, if the file is not present in the destination, transfer it. This has worked fine, except that we now need to rename files once they hit the destination. Therefore, they will be transferred a second time the next night, which we don't want.

My thought is to move the source files to another location after they are done transferring -- a location that isn't included in the nightly transfer. I cannot sort out a way to do this. I can queue the movement of the folder, but I only want the contents of the folder transferred, not the folder itself. I need the folder structure to remain the same.

In my research I found this thread, but I do not wish to delete the files, only move them.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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