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I don't currently use Win8, but ioGUI is a really old 3rd party tool that sorta still works. Since it's written in really old VB6 you'll need to register two .ocx files that I think used to come with Win XP/98 or used to come with other software that was common installed back then so nobody had to bother with registering them before Vista...

From the README file,
8) You can use the very-old, but still working, ioGUI application to see who
   is online and modify user accounts with a simple GUI.  It can be found
   under ioFTPD\ioGUI\ioGui2.exe.  Under Vista and later operating systems
   you'll probably have to register the old visual basic .ocx files or else
   you will get an error like:
     "Component 'mscomctl.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly
      registered: a file is missing or invalid."
   To fix this you need to open up an administrator command prompt.  Right
   click on
     start menu->all programs->accessories->command prompt
   and then choose "run as administrator" and click yes if it prompts you.
   Then perform the following commands:
     cd \ioFTPD\ioGUI (or wherever you installed it)
     regsvr32 MSWINSCK.OCX
     regsvr32 MSCOMCTL.OCX
   You should get a popup window indicating success after each regsvr32 cmd.
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