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Oh, and if anybody has any better ideas on how to handle this thing feel free to comment. I'm not aware of any other server with a better solution either. They probably handle splitting things across disks when one gets full cleaner, but there is no way to force things to stay together on disks at all. I really like that because I can browse my local drives through explorer or via network shares instead of having to go through the FTP.

P.S. That brings up the one really obvious feature ioFTPD is missing and that has been on my TODO list for a long time... ioFTPD doesn't handle disks getting full very well and in the case of merged disks doesn't force new dirs to failover to a disk with lots of free space. I didn't want the server doing this itself because I think a script is better to handle the edge cases, hence the aforementioned OnNewDir placement idea... This becomes increasing useful when you consider that I assumed scripts (alas, poor ioYil hasn't been touched in forever) wouldn't actually wipe things(!) but instead just mark them for deletion or move them to a recycle bin for deletion when space was actually needed. I even freed up the "x" (execute) bits on files/dirs for just this purpose. This means that simply checking for disk space on a drive wouldn't yield the expected result if one disk had room but nothing ready to delete and the other was full but had lots of stuff ready to delete. The most obvious example would be two disks where after filling one up, then the other, you'd start deleting and filling the first one while deleting the oldest content...
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