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Default Merge drives

i havent been able to find a thread that posted a solution to the question i have so not sure if this is the right section to post. one of my 500gb drives is almost full and i only use it to store tv eps. i know ioftpd has the ability to merge separate drives under the same path, ex :

drive 1 (500gb) ->>> folders would be F:/TV-Shows/ ---> under ioftpd would be /TV-Shows/
drive 2 (750gb) ->>> folders would be G:/TV-Shows/ ---> under ioftpd would be /TV-Shows/

although both separate drives, they both appear as a single folder/directory under iOFTPD... my question is, since the 500gb was the first drive i used and filled up completely, once i try to load anything to the tvshow folder will ioftpd be able dump any new material to the 750gb drive? in other words, is ioftpd smart enough to detect a full drive and then move all new content to the unused 750 that shares the same directory on the server? also, how will this be affected if i have a networked drive? will it still follow the same procedure?
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