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thread tools/addpoll image is finally updated now so that as been struck off. So at least that one is 1 less.

All else no change, /me shrugs who knows.

vbseo could be looking at a specific md5/hash thers no other way to know if the image bits have chnaged otherwise. idk originally I thought those images were part of regular folders until I looked at path/image source.

smilies wise idk but if thats the case its silly iirc didnt behave like that before because both cool icons were as different as day/night one was blue one and was tiny, on the other hand (phoenity) yellow and bigger and only image/extension has changed. I really dont know. if the phoenity was taking precedence the confused one would be the later not the former so only some cases is using phoenity instead.

Code wise I shrug all I knowis too much sand for my truck.

Added a test poll to this thread to test new poll images, atm Ill give it the obligatory 24 hours and local browser cache cleaning before commenting so far nothing has changed from my end.

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