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Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

For reference can you please provide the following information, this will allow us to improve our auto-detection code.

Is the FTP server using the LIST or MLSD command when retrieving the directory listing?

The name of the FTP server software and version?

I made some changes and improvements on this.

1. If you're currently connected to the server while changing this setting you will now receive a informational message indicating "Some settings cannot be changed while connected to the site, these changes will take effect next time you connect".

2. Now on reconnect all of the folder cache and the folder structure is cleared from memory.


Initally I wanted to be able to change this setting in real-time but I am seeing a few unexpected issues with this. Specifically if UTF-8 is activated during login using the "OPTS UTF8 ON" command it cannot be disabled without reconnecting to the server. Typically most people would want UTF-8 on if supported by the server, however I have seen a couple UTF-8 servers with mangled filenames (non-UTF-8) and the only way I was able to transfer these is to turn off UTF-8.
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