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5.0.0 Build 3769 (RC 3)
  • More UI improvements to better handle longer text for translations; specifically most buttons will now dynamically adjust their width to fit the caption and if the window isn't wide enough to fit the row of buttons then the entire window content is adjusted.
  • Added the ability to send /shell commands when connected via SFTP without first adding the /shell prefix. The first time you do this a warning prompt is displayed (at which time you can check the option "do not show again") The /shell prefix should still be used when performing shell commands from command scripts.
  • Added several /debug commands.
    /debug lang All translated strings are prefixed with their hex ID.
    /debug memory Displays memory usage info..
    /crash Triggers a simulated application crash.
5.0.0 Build 3768 (RC 3)
  • Improved several UI elements to handle translated text that is longer than the original.
  • The previous build introduced a bug in the task scheduler properties, this has been resolved in this update.

5.0.0 Build 3770 (RC 3)
  • Fixed bug that prevented scheduled tasks from running (appears to run but in fact doesn't).
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