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5.0.0 Build 3767 (RC 3)

  • Fixed CLI issue when using -queue="<filename>" combined with -get, the -get switch was ignored.
  • Fixed several UI and translation issues in Tools > Schedule > Task dialog.
  • Fixed visual glitch that in the Restore Queue dialog that could result in the preview pane being empty, the content isn't shown.
  • Fixed memory leak when dragging items from the local file browser to the remote browser pane.
  • Fixed memory leak when using several local browser specific custom commands /exec, /crc32, /sha1, /md5, etc
  • Fixed memory leak in windows shell icon thread when clearing pending lookups where pending items were removed from the list without being freed.
  • Fixed issue with the proxy setting "prompt for password", specifically the password was not remembered for data connections causing authentication failure.
  • Fixed UI issue in the server/proxy login prompt where the checkbox "Remember password for this session" didn't match the background on non-themed Windows OS.
  • Fixed an issue with the Tray Icon > Right-click > Lock FlashFXP (and restore) feature, This rarely used dialog was not Unicode and entering certain non latin-1 characters would result in an invalid password on restore because the comparison was WideString to AnsiString.
  • Resolved an issue that limited public/private keys to 8KB, failing on larger keys. Yes once again FlashFXP supports 16KB keys though it's not recommended due to performance issues. (SSH handshake take up to 100x longer from my own experience)
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