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5.0.0 Build 3763 (RC 3)
  • This update addresses several minor bugs.
5.0.0 Build 3765 (RC 3)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented executing local commands via the raw command line while not connected to a site.
  • Fixed issue with the private key not being saved for 'SFTP over SSH' site profiles.
  • Fixed window Z order issue when the File Transfer Rules dialog is opened from the File Exists prompt.
  • Fixed rare crash when using the find dialog to search within the file listing.
  • Fixed incorrect behavior of the "Folder Cache > Expire after X Minutes" setting, the expired folder wasn't removed from the cache as expected, instead it was removed when the internal cache memory limit was reached.
  • Added an extended /shell command to make it easier to read and use multiple commands.
    /shell {
    command 1
    command 2
    The commands are then executed on the server as /shell command 1 && command 2
  • Minor improvments to the Server File Search and Calculate Server Space used features by replacing a hash table used to keep track of which folders have been seen with one that has a 50% smaller memory footprint.
  • Changed the way the Server File Search feature treats symbolic links when connected to a SFTP server. The Symbolic link is now resolved and the LinkTo location is checked against our path hash lookup table (instead of the path/symlink) to prevent endless recursive looping while searching.
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