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5.0.0 Build 3760 (RC 2)
  • Fixed a problem that prevented FlashFXP from running the update installer. You may need to manually run the update installer after downloading it, or download it directly from our website Download FlashFXP v5.0 Release Candidate
  • Fixed a change that accidentally slipped into the previous build that caused the SFTP symlink resolver to fail and as a result symlinks pointing to files were incorrectly detected as folders.
5.0.0 Build 3761 (RC 2)
  • Fixed Local Browser > File List > Delete operation failed when the "Parent Directory" item was included in the selection.
  • Small change to the behavior of the /shell <command> macro, the command is now executed in current directory path. Basically we append "cd %p && " to the <command> before executing it.
5.0.0 Build 3762 (RC 2)
  • Fixed an issue with FTP SSL/TLS that resulted in incomplete directory listings and possibly even file transfers. The issue occurred because of an incorrect evaluation in a routine that checks to see if any remaining data is waiting to be read from the data socket after the SSL/TLS layer has shutdown. Under the right conditions this issue may effect all FTP SSL/TLS servers. The issue was discovered with the NAS FTP server software running on a Synology NAS server (unknown version).
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