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5.0.0 Build 3687
  • Improved Abort during FXP operation.
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases the Application password prompt would appear to have focus (text box blinking caret) but wasn't the current foreground window.
  • Improved the local file browser to update the file size with manual refresh (F5) during a download file transfer.
  • Improved handling of SSL FXP when the option to use SSL for FXP is unchecked, FlashFXP will now try to detect these types of situations and automatically turn on SSL for FXP transfers. Specifically when transferring from a FTP server that may not require SSL on the data channel to a server that does.
5.0.0 Build 3689
  • Fixed multiple crashes when closing FlashFXP from 3rd party software.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to browse non-file-system locations.
  • Added support for importing FTPRush / UltraFXP site lists.
5.0.0 Build 3692
  • Fixed an issue with the remote tree navigation and remote folder select dialog when clicking on the disclosure triangles [+] of folders that have not been cached. Previously this didn't work at all. With this fix FlashFXP will now change to the directory and retrieve the listing.
  • Added the ability to select the desired SSL/TLS method, SSLv3, TLSv1, TLSv1.2 or Auto.
  • Improved SSL/TLS error handling by switching SSL/TLS methods under certain conditions to establish a connection.
5.0.0 Build 3701
  • Improved SSL FXP compatibility when transferring between servers using different SSL/TLS versions.
5.0.0 Build 3702
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes FlashFXP would sometimes fail to change into the previous working directory after re-establishing a connection to the server.
5.0.0 Build 3708
  • Fixed Find/Replace feature in the internal editor.
  • Improved and fixed some issues with line terminator detection when loading a text file.
  • Improved and fixed some issues saving files while preserving the line terminator and text encoding (ANSI/UTF8/etc)
  • Pressing the spacebar in the queue window can now toggle items in the marked list.
  • Added some new custom commands.
    /run "<path/to/app>" "<working dir>" "command line params"
    Executes the app and then waits for the program to exit before continuing.
    /select <pattern>
    Clears the current selection and then selects any items matching the pattern on the active side.
    /andselect <pattern>
    Adds items items matching the pattern to the current selection on the active side.
    Clears the current selection on the active side.
    /queue selected
    Adds the current selection on the active side to the queue.
    /transfer queue
    Transfers the items in the queue
    /lcd <path>
    Changes to <path> in the local file browser.
5.0.0 Build 3709
  • When the character encoding is set to "auto-detect" (the default value) under some conditions filenames sent to the server were UTF-8 encoded even though UTF-8 was not detected. When auto-detect is selected FlashFXP will now check filenames to determine if they're UTF8 and if a UTF8 filename is found it will automatically switch UTF8 encoding on. Otherwise the text will be encoded using the system locale.
5.0.0 Build 3711
  • Improved item multi-selection to better match the behavior found in windows explorer.
  • Fixed an issue with folder selection on the local browser when changing up to the parent.
5.0.0 Build 3714
  • Fixed the Queue time remaining shown in statusbar was broken for uploads.
  • Added an automatic retry to the FTP LIST/MLSD command if the directory listing reply is empty. I've seen situations where the list is successful but the reply is empty. Retrying the LIST/MLSD command seems to help resolve this issue. (this is either a server or network related issue and does not appear to be a specific issue with FlashFXP. The issue was reproducible with multiple FTP clients.)
  • Fixed an issue where the local browser content might be stale when performing an operation on a local folder. For example if a local folder was queued for upload and some files were added/removed and then "Enqueue>Move folder content" was performed on the folder any changes to the local folder content were missed.
  • Added additional code to auto size the columns in the "File associations" dialog and Bookmarks list in the Site Manager dialog to fit the current text/translation.
  • Fixed a endless loop when trying to edit a remote file and the server returns an error. i.e. 550 permission denied.
  • Fixed issue renaming a group in the Site Manager from "group" to "Group" resulting in an error message indicating that a group by that name already existed. The evaluation was case-insensitive.
  • Fixed slight UI freezing during the SSL handshake. This was most noticeable with transferring many very small files.
  • Improved set file date/time on upload handling of MTDM and SITE UTIME, if neither are allowed by the FTP server then we will do our best to not attempt to call them again during the current session.
  • Added triple-click to select all in most Edit fields.
5.0.0 Build 3724
  • Added support for Perl Compatible Regular Expressions; They can be used anywhere wildcard pattern matching is supported. The regex pattern must be prefixed with rx:, for example use rx: .*(txt|log)$ to match files ending with .txt or .log.
5.0.0 Build 3725
  • Added a new custom command to select a selective transfer rule set.
    /loadstr <name of selective transfer ruleset>
5.0.0 Build 3740
  • Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.1h
  • Added new Site Manager > Site Profile option to select the preferred SFTP protocol (auto, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).
    for example IBM Sterling Secure Proxy only supports SFTP v3.
5.0.0 Build 3741
  • After renaming a file in the remote browser the item did not properly update to reflect the new name.
  • Fixed browser (tree navigation / file list) splitter missing when the tree navigation is active on start up.
  • Improved our internal folder caching system with a 60% speed increase when performing AbsolutePathToRecord look-ups.
  • Fixed loss of selection issue after a drag/drop operation where the drop target is the tree navigation pane.
  • Added the ability to apply the 'disable site' feature (via the Site Manager) to disable/enable entire groups.
5.0.0 Build 3743
  • Fixed an issue when using SSL that could result in zero byte directory listings under some rare conditions. The problem was observed when connecting via a Windows based SOCKS5 server.
5.0.0 Build 3747
  • Major rewrite/refactoring of the indirect FXP routine to handle errors and connection lost issues more reliably.
  • Fixed an A/V crash in raw commands when performing a local command.
5.0.0 Build 3748
  • Fixed issue that could result in incomplete directory listings when using plain FTP.
  • Fixed A/V crash when using the calculate server spaced used feature.
5.0.0 Build 3749
  • Fixed per-site "enable skip-list" setting had no effect if the global enable skip-list setting was unchecked.
5.0.0 Build 3750
  • Fixed TLS session resumption and timeout issue with ProFTPD.
5.0.0 Build 3751
  • Fixed issue connecting to unicode hostnames via proxy, the domain name is now encoded (punycode).
  • Added a possible fix for FlashFXP randomly crashing when using a remote desktop software such as team viewer, ultravnc, logmein, etc.
  • Fixed A/V crash when closing FlashFXP with the Key Manager dialog active.
5.0.0 Build 3753 (RC 1)
  • Upgraded SFTP engine to latest version.
  • Several changes to the way FlashFXP manages resources when running on battery power to be more eco-friendly.
  • Several improvements to the Key Manager dialog.
  • Added advanced ini only setting via flashfxp.ini to change the taskbar/window/tray icon-set. Contact us via the FlashFXP forums for more information.
5.0.0 Build 3754 (RC 1)
  • Fixed issue where Drag/Drop from remote/browser/treeview to local/browser mangled Unicode folder names.
  • Fixed issue where toggling marked list items from the browser/treeview didn't properly transform Unicode characters to utf8.
  • Fixed a couple issues related to the per-site skiplist setting. If the setting was set to "checked" then it should be active regardless of the global skiplist setting.
  • Fixed an issue in the remote/browser/treeview that caused the control viewport to move after an item is drag dropped into the control.
  • Fixed slowness issue when toggling the visibility of the local browser/tree navigation pane.
  • A few minor changes to the application strings, please submit your updated translations. Thank you
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