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Default List of changes in v5.0

Changes specific to version 5.0
  • Unicode support for translations and all user interfaces dialogs and text.
  • Full UTF-8 support for remote servers.
  • Full support for converting non-UTF-8 remote server content to UTF-8. The server character encoding can be set via the Site Manager.
  • New memory based caching system for remote server directory listings.
  • This version of FlashFXP is compiled with Delphi 7 while previous versions were compiled with Delphi 4.
  • All data files used by v5.x use a updated data format that is not backwards compatible with previous versions. Specifically all data files are now UTF8 encoded.
  • The .fqf (FlashFXP queue file format) has changed in v5.x, The format has been optimized to reduce the overall file size and it now uses UTF8 encoding. The new format is not backwards compatible.
  • The .ftp (FlashFXP Site XML Export format) has changed, additional site settings are now included in the export, This format does not export all site profile settings.
  • The .fbk (FlashFXP backup file format) has changed, backups created by v5.x should not be restored to previous versions of FlashFXP.

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