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1. Retail keys are sold to resellers who pass them onto end users. A Retail key is a way for us to distribute generic serial numbers that can be used to create a FlashFXP registration key.

Personal registration keys can be used on up to four computers (originally three). We provide a single registration key which can then be used on each computer.

When you enter the registration key into the FlashFXP software it will then connect to our authentication servers to validate the registration key and associate it with your computer. Each time you enter your registration key into FlashFXP on a different machine this counts against the number of installations.

From time to time FlashFXP will perform a update check to check for a new version, the update check is a beacon that lets the authentication server know that the license is still being used on the machine. Machines associated with your license key that are no longer using FlashFXP will automatically deactivate after a unspecified amount of time.

We also have a fail-safe via the customer portal that lets customers reset the activation limit after the limit has been reached.

The same registration key can be used for any edition of FlashFXP, you can mix and match standard or portable installations.

2. This can be done with the proper configuration. This involves creating a queue file that contains the folders you want to download. Editing the queue items to activate one way synchronization with delete. Creating a scheduled task, defining the schedule, selecting the previously saved queue file, using custom file transfer rules to skip files that are equal in date and/or size.

3. This can be configured on the File Transfer Rules dialog (Options > File Transfer Rules), Click on the Preserve File Date tab and uncheck Upload.

For #2 to work you'll need to make sure you have preserve file date checked for downloads (assuming you're comparing the file date/time in your transfer rules.)
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