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Default Failure by uploading files to the server.

Hi Everyone. I'm pretty new at all that so I hope to understand the problem.
The problem I'm having is with the uploading files via Flashfxp to my clients servers.
Now, it's happens in all of my servers.

What I'm doing to upload a file:
- I start up the program and connect to the server I desire (Sometime it takes a bit of time to login but it dose login)
- Locating / Navigating to the folder I want to upload the file to.
- Droping the files I want and clicking the "Play" button.
(Now, on the right down box where is all the quotes it's showing what he dose)

And the problem start there by getting sucked in:
R] 150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for MLSD
It shows me that it failes by red color text
And then it kinda resetting the connection and uploading it again by it self
but it's not uploading completely all just few and if all it's damage files like not all their data.

I did a test by uploading via FileZilla and it seems to be working fine.
But I want my Flashfxp to be working properly.
I know it's not a server problem because I talked to my provider.

Please help me.
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