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That should actually work to prevent downloading a file, but you would still see it in the listing which was the request. If you define a Download rule like *.extension and it exists BEFORE any other matching Download rule it should take precedence and use it's permissions. However M flagged accounts are exempt from most rules, including this one, so it's likely it worked for you but wouldn't have for regular users.

The only other trick I can think of that might work for even for M flagged users is to define a new Section with a pattern like *.extension and make sure nobody has credits and has a ratio defined for it. You could define as many extensions as you wanted mapped to that same section with multiple rules much like you can with ordinary path based sections. The reason this might work differently is I don't think there is an exception for M flagged users on the credit check since I figured everybody would have no-ratio set or be able to set it that way if they wanted... Again this would only prevent downloading matching files, but you would still see them in the listing.
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