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Originally Posted by X3 View Post
tbh I didnt read it was 3 months as I would expect any person to reply within a reasonable time for some sort of continuation. I guess my logic is flawed in that scenario hence, why I said the setting in liveupdate in Flashfxp also matter,

And iirc just because a update is on site as the latest download e.g. the 1983 build, it does absolutely not mean that is the latest stable release available on liveupdate with normal settings, or so I understand. Some of these builds are only on liveupdate if you have stable and beta releases checked.
DID not read since 3 months old.
And " I would expect any person to reply within a reasonable time".
Please read the questions asked before you answer them Mister!!!

Let me repeat the scenario X3 so you understand.
1. My ssd went crazy
2. My clone ssd hooked up to the world
3. I went to LiveUpdate and got no update to my build 1951
4. Then I got to this forum and asked why no update since 1951
5. You answered. But you did not readmy first post.Then I answered back.
6. Conclusion.
Read the posts before answer!

And if I had read your post above then mine answer would have been different.
Please close this thread!
* EDIT 2 *
Since you change answers on the go as I do

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