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tbh I didnt read it was 3 months as I would expect any person to reply within a reasonable time for some sort of continuation. I guess my logic is flawed in that scenario (and also didnt notice your reviving a 3 month old post) hence, why I said the setting in liveupdate in Flashfxp also matter.

IIRC just because a update is on site as the latest download e.g. the 1983 build, it does absolutely not mean that is the latest stable release available on liveupdate with normal settings, or so I understand. Some of these builds are only on liveupdate if you have stable and beta releases checked. See screenshot

For sure there is are discrepancies between what is on download and via liveupdate for different reasons, yet the differences exist and if you want to gain these updates change your settings to accept beta builds too and decide then if you want to download the update offered or not when you read the changelog.

Here whats been going on since build 1951 to build 1983 (most notable changes form changelog)

This update includes a few translation updates.
A fix for a glitch in the internal text editor when searching backwards (UP) which resulted in the wrong text being selected.
Fixed thousands separator issue resulting in trunicated results when any numerical value was string formatted with a thousands separator.
Fixed bug with the folder bookmarks crashing on dropdown. (take two)
Fixed bug with the folder bookmarks crashing on dropdown.
Fixed a bug with how the loss of connection is handled when setting the date/time of a remote file.
Fixed two issues that could cause synchronized browsing to malfunction and become out of sync.
Improved error handling and recovery in the event of a connection loss during rename and chmod operations.
Fixed a complex issue that resulted in files being uploaded into the wrong location on the remote server. Specifically if the connection was lost while making a remote folder a series of safety checks would fail to detect that the connection was lost before executing a fragment of code that was intended to handle situations where the remote server renames the folder to suit the server file system, this code inadvertently changed the target path to an incorrect location. To address this issue additional safety checks have been added to verify and validate the reply to the make directory command and the connection status state.
Fixed a rare drawing issue in the user interface that effected a small number of users, resulting in overlapping elements where the previous elements were not erased. 
Fixed: An access violation error in SHLWAPI.dll when sorting the queue list or file list. 
A couple more tweaks to the synchronized browsing feature to prevent out of sync issues. Please let me know if the problems persist.
New global hot-key Ctrl+Shift+/ will change the toolbar background to a random solid color, this can be used to help identify which window is which. (experimental feature)
Fixed several crashes based on user submitted bug reports. Please remember to include a description when submitting bug reports.
Fixed several crashes when closing FlashFXP while the Server file search dialog is active.
Fixed a bug that sometimes allowed raw commands via the command line input to be executed while FlashFXP was busy performing an operation.
New feature, when a raw command is executed via the raw command line input and FlashFXP is busy performing an operation the raw command will be en-queued. (experimental feature)
Added the ability to set the toolbar background to a custom solid color (no styling) via the Preferences dialog > Interface > Toolbar > background. (experimental feature)
Fixed an issue with global/per-site file transfer rules not applying to scheduled tasks, instead the scheduled task was always applying the task defined file transfer rules, even if none were defined.
Fixed scheduled task > new/edit task > schedule tab, the repeat task until setting was allowed to be unchecked on Windows versions prior to Vista, however only Vista and up do not require this setting to be filled in. (This is specific to the Windows Task Scheduler and newer versions of Windows have additional features not found on older versions)
Fixed an issue where a scheduled task using a dynamic queue would create a temporary queue file each time the task was run.
Fixed several issues with remote edits.

* If a remote edit is performed while offline on a file that was previously opened via remote edit in the same session a file modification was detected and triggered an automatic upload. (when the default action on save is set to upload)

* Under some rare conditions If the connection to the server is lost while downloading a file for remote edit then FlashFXP could sometimes mistake this for a successful download. Combined with the previous bug this could result in erasing the remote file.

* Under some conditions the "active edits" window failed to redraw the file list after a failed upload and the 'modified' indicator wasn't drawn.

* On the "active edits" window the button that switches the view between current edits and all edits didn't always add previously edited files to the current edits view.
Fixed remote file list item selection; after moving a file/folder via drag/drop the next item in the list appeared to be selected and focused but the correct state was only focused.
Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent a ftp upload from being resumed after losing connection to the server.
Local browser "On keyboard: Enter Key" now properly handles multiple file selections.
Fixed multiple issues with the synchronized browsing feature that sometimes resulted in out of sync browsing.
Fixed drag/drop issue where the returned filename ended in a null character. Some users saw this issue appear as the filename being modified on upload as file.ext_ where the null was replaced with a _
Updated installer engines for the standard and portable releases.
Update: 4x speed improvement when transferring with ProFTPd/mod_sftp server.
Fixed: File list item selection glitch when switching focus between windows or scrolling an unfocused file list and then clicking on the item below the cursor.
Fixed: Rare crash when dragging files into FlashFXP.
Fixed: Added some additional clean up code to help prevent "System Error. Code: 8." crashes. More info at <>
Fixed: Drag/drop from local browser and explorer to the remote browser.
Fixed: Command line switch /restorequeue was not working correctly.
Fixed: Issue with viewing UTF-8/non-latin characters in filenames.

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