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I'm sorta aware that network shares mounted as \\computer\share in the .vfs might not work 100% correctly. I think I responded to another poster with a similar issue and suggested some remedies but I don't remember what worked. I think he was also using it as a service which complicated things. Try mounting your network share as a drive letter in explorer (set to auto-mount on login) and then use that in the .vfs file and see if that fixes things...

Are these new dirs/files to the network shared' directory itself or below it? Ie \\computer\share\new or \\computer\share\stuff\new? The first might be a special case with timestamps on shared dirs which would be a bug I'll need to fix.

It's not a perfect solution but you can use 'site refresh' to force the server to ditch the cache entry for the current directory or with an argument any other directory you want. That should work as a temporary workaround if you just move/copy new things manually once in a while. There is a way for scripts to force the server to do the same thing. There's a simple .exe one out there a few people use with external 3rd party stuff that moves things into folders just to make sure it's always picked up. If the copying is automated I can dig that up for you.
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