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Originally Posted by Read Only Memory View Post
Thanks for the prompt reply.

About 1) 2) and 3)
Do you also collect IP addresses?
The remote IP address is not stored with the information we collect. We do not gain anything by storing the machine IP address so we don't.

Our webserver and firewall software does however keep access logs for security purposes, these logs contain all IP addresses that connect to our server. These logs are automatically rotated every 24 hours and we do not keep archives of rotated logs.

Originally Posted by Read Only Memory View Post
About 4)
Just the list of processes alone, I consider this as sensible data, is there a way to disable these automated reports? I understand your intent is to improve your service but people should be able to choose whether to contribute or not on their own free will.

No matter how legitimate you may think it is, or whether your intent is good or bad, I consider it a very serious abuse when a software which can't be blocked in firewall is taking advantage of it to send data without my consent.
When troubleshooting crash reports its critical to know what other processes are running on the computer, without this information we would not have been able to resolve several major compatibility conflicts with 3rd party software and FlashFXP. The most serious case was a software called DigitalPersona (a fingerprint identity verification software) and without the process list we would not of been able to determine that all of the customers experiencing this fatal crash/corruption had the same software running on their computers.

There is no way to prevent FlashFXP from sending this information when a crash occurs. However if it is absolutely critical that this information never be sent you can add our server host ( to your firewall block list.

OK I have no need for a software from people who give publicly infos about my ISP. I'm finished with flashfxp, it was a mistake all along.
I am sorry you feel that way. Asking questions on a open access public support forums where there is an associated and inherited lack of privacy just might not be the best place to ask these types of questions if you want to remain 100% anonymous. Perhaps a better choice might of been to contact us directly using the contact us link and avoid publicity all together.

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