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Originally Posted by Read Only Memory View Post
About 1) 2) and 3)
Do you also collect IP addresses?
Your IP is visible purely by the fact that you connect to the internet. There's absolutely nothing private about knowing somebody's IP address. I know that you connect from <edited> VPN service, so what, big freakin deal. There's nothing private or sensitive about it.
Take off our tin foil hat.
Originally Posted by Read Only Memory View Post
About 4)
Just the list of processes alone, I consider this as sensible data, is there a way to disable these automated reports? I understand your intent is to improve your service but people should be able to choose whether to contribute or not on their own free will.
Bigstar NEVER said that those reports are automatically submitted.
Whenever FlashFXP crashes you are presented with a window ASKING YOU to review the data and submit that crash report.
Originally Posted by Read Only Memory View Post
No matter how legitimate you may think it is, or whether your intent is good or bad, I consider it a very serious abuse when a software which can't be blocked in firewall is taking advantage of it to send data without my consent.
Quit with your high and mighty privacy tirade!
If you are so security conscious and paranoid, why don't you control WHERE FlashFXP can connect to?! All OS have ACLs where you specify where each process can go.
As a matter of fact, why don't you run a network sniffer and see what exactly FlashFXP is doing?

Originally Posted by Read Only Memory View Post
flashfxp is the last closed source software I use with internet access enabled.
Let me guess, you personally review source code of every single open source piece of software that you run?!
Let me guess, you personally compile every single piece of open source software that you use?
Let me guess, you use only FIPS-compliant versions of crypto modules in every software that you compile?
Let me guess, you have access to Microsoft's source code of Windows to make sure there are no spyware modules in there?

FlashFXP didn't exist for 15+ years to abuse users' privacy.
Take off your tin foil hat and worry about stuff that really does matter, not if FlashFXP can see that when it crashed your computer had 4gigs of ram.
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