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FlashFXP does not contain DRM or spyware.

Installer version check
When installing the FlashFXP software the installer will perform a version check to insure the latest version is being installed. The installer connects to our servers and the following information is transmitted: Product version number.

Special offers and product discount Service
The shareware version of FlashFXP will connect to our server on startup to provide the user special offers and product discounts. The following information is transmitted: Product version, unique user id, current day of evaluation, product integrity hash.

Automated Update Service
The registered version of FlashFXP will periodically connect to our server and check if any new versions are available and allows for a convenient method to update the FlashFXP Software. The following information is transmitted: Product version, unique user id, license key id, product integrity hash.

Crash-Reporting Feature
FlashFXP has a crash-reporting tool that sends a report to our server when FlashFXP crashes. I use the information in the crash reports to diagnose and correct problems in FlashFXP. This feature sends a variety of non-personal information to our server; including the stack trace (a detailed description of which parts of the FlashFXP code were active at the time of the crash), the type of computer you are using, and a list of active processes. Crash reports are deleted after I've reviewed them.

I do not share any information collected with 3rd parties or anyone else.

Furthermore I am the only person with access to this information.
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