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Default Setting a secure connection.

Hi there, Flashfxp community!

So, I've been using Flashfxp for quite some years now, and I recently was in need of setting a secure connexion between my computer and the remote server I was trying to connect to.
In the past, whenever you wanted to secure a site connection, you had to get in the Sites list, and in the options (or was it called something else than options) tab of each site, you were able to set THIS site connection to AUTH/TLS or SSL or other.
Now, with the latest version of FlashFXP, I just can't find any of these options anymore, which removes any possibility to connect to any secure site I'm on.
So, maybe I didn't look hard enough or didn't write the right sentence, but neither Google or this forum replied to my question.
Would you guys please help me?

Thanks in advance
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