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Default Concurrent files transfer.. yep, again!

C'mon guys.. When? I am waiting on this feature maybe 10 years already. I have FFXP installed, I am loving it from old times but I am not using it.. I switched to WS_FTP long time ago... I hate its interface etc.. but it has multiple files transfer and doing that job great!..

Recently I read you optimized small files transfers speed.. Well I tested.. I am developer and working with small files.. So... Yesterday I was required to download one my client's website via FTP (Windows web server). I started downloading it and went to bed.. When I wake up (8 hours maybe) it was still downloading... I stopped it and tried the same with WS_FTP... shit... till I did my morning things, got coffee, files were downloaded! maximum one hour... even less I guess... 600MB ~15k of files... 5 threads for that website... No comments..

You are doing a lot of work, you have great software, please....
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