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Originally Posted by Yil View Post
Oh, as a temp fix you might also look at the fact that you don't really care how the info gets output so long as the line does. ioNinja uses some helper .exe's to extract info from mp3's etc and you could drop part of that logic into nxTools...
hey all,

one other thing is noticed on this topic (pre with neoxed)(i have applied the fix so atleast its possable to pre mp3 =) ):

so after preeing a mp3 rls you see for ex.
[2] 200-| Area    : MP3                                                          |
[2] 200-| Release :                     |
[2] 200-| Files   : 16F              Size: 75.1MB           CDs: 0               |
[2] 200-|------------------------------------------------------------------------|
[2] 200-|    User    |   Group    |   Ratio    |  Files   |  Amount  |  Credits  |
[2] 200-|------------------------------------------------------------------------|
[2] 200-| some1      | iND        |        1:3 |      15F |   75.1MB |   225.3MB |
[2] 200-'------------------------------------------------------------------------'
for one it says 16F and for the other one 15F (wich is correct amount of files)...

on irc the wrong amount get announced:
[7PRE] /MP3/xxxx/ > 16f/75MB

as it looks like this is a general "problem" with pre in neoxed script what i can see..can some1 confirm this behaviour?

any chance on a quick fix? i will try to study nxpre.tcl later on...


if any1 cares, i fixed the problem myself ^^:

1) open up nxpre.tcl
2) go to following paragraph and change/add the bold part:

set line [expr {$isMP3 ? "PRE-MP3" : "PRE"}]
    append line ": \"$destVirtualPath\" \"$preGroup\" \"$user\" \"$group\" \"$area\" \"$prefiles($userName)\" \"$totalSize\" \"$diskCount\""
    if {$isMP3} {append line " \"$mp3(artist)\" \"$mp3(album)\" \"$mp3(genre)\" \"$mp3(year)\" \"$mp3(bitrate)\" \"$mp3(type)\""}
    putlog $line

had to remove 2nd part due to not writing correctly in to pre just cosmetics for irc announce, better than nothing :\

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