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Thanks for the reply, Yil. I'm currently using ioNINJA's version of dzsbot.
I looked at the ioFTPD.log and it says:
02-03-2013 05:50:29 PRE: "/PODCASTS/0203/DJZacharia_PODCAST_Feb_1_2013" "DJZ" "DJZacharia" "DJZ" "PODCASTS" "2" "100431" "0"
Whereas, nxtools should identify that it's an mp3 (lines 627 through 641 in nxpre.tcl:
set isMP3 0
set mp3info [vfs chattr $destRealPath 55]

# Attempt to parse every MP3 file until successful.
if {$mp3info != ""} {
lassign $mp3info mp3(artist) mp3(album) mp3(title) mp3(bitrate) mp3(version) mp3(layer) mp3(mode) mp3(genre) mp3(year) mp3(srate) mp3(lame) mp3(lamepreset) mp3(original) mp3(padding) mp3(duration) mp3(nr) mp3(vbroldnew) mp3(type)
set codec [format "MPEG %.1f Layer %d" $mp3(version) $mp3(layer)]
iputs "|------------------------------------------------------------------------|"
iputs [format "| Artist : %-60s |" $mp3(artist)]
iputs [format "| Album : %-60s |" $mp3(album)]
iputs [format "| Genre : %-16s Year: %-11s Bitrate: %-16s |" $mp3(genre) $mp3(year) "$mp3(bitrate) Kbit"]
iputs [format "| Channel : %-16s Type: %-11s Codec: %-18s |" $mp3(mode) $mp3(type) $codec]
iputs [format "| Lame : %-16s Preset: %-9s VBR: %-20s |" $mp3(lame) $mp3(lamepreset) $mp3(vbroldnew)]
set isMP3 1
and (lines 691 through 700):

set line [expr {$isMP3 ? "PRE-MP3" : "PRE"}]
append line ": \"$destVirtualPath\" \"$preGroup\" \"$user\" \"$group\" \"$area\" \"$files\" \"$totalSize\" \"$diskCount\""
if {$isMP3} {append line " \"$mp3(artist)\" \"$mp3(album)\" \"$mp3(genre)\" \"$mp3(year)\" \"$mp3(bitrate)\" \"$mp3(type)\""}
putlog $line

if {![catch {DbOpenFile [namespace current]::PreDb "Pres.db"} error]} {
PreDb eval {INSERT INTO Pres(TimeStamp,UserName,GroupName,Area,Release,Fil es,Size)
VALUES($preTime,$user,$preGroup,$area,$release,$fi les,$totalSize)}
PreDb close
} else {ErrorLog PreDb $error}
However, for some reason it's not parsing the MP3s and thus not logging the PREd MP3s as "PRE-MP3" (with relevant id3 tag info).
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