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Hmm. Ok. Because of this thread I thought this can't be possible:
If the server is not configured to allow site to site transfers the FTP server might return an error message (the error message can vary from server to server) or the server might disconnect you.
Because of that I thought fxp works or won't and nothing between.

What means activating encryption? You mean FTPS or SFTP?!

My new Server supports both. The old server supports at the moment FTP only but I can activate FTPS.

I testet with SFTP at the new server and without encryption at the old one. Now I can see in the status line for every file "receiving" and "sending".

If I choose at both servers FTP it shows "transfering". The same is if the new server is connected through FTPS.

The attached screenshot shows the SFTP Test with "receiving" and "sending". It has more peaks but the average used bandwidth looks the same. So I think you are correct.
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