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Default Error at MP3-Plugin and sorting-function

Hello togther,

im using ioFTPD-v7.7.3 + ioNiNJA.1.0.Beta1.2012-07-13 + nxTools-v1.2.1.

Now, few days ago i get a problem with my ioNinja-plugin "MP3".

If i upload a album, its all fine, only the mp3-sorting dont work more and i get a error in the log-dir.


01-05-2013 19:19:39 "../scripts/ioninja/plugins/mp3.itcl" terminated abnormally
--- ErrorInfo ---
can't read "art": no such variable
while executing
"if {$art != "-1"} {
set ok [writefile $afile [join [lreplace $artists_idx $art $art[list $a1 $artist [file join $artists ${artist}[file extension ..."
(procedure "audioscrobbler_artist" line 50)
invoked from within
"audioscrobbler_artist $artist"
(procedure "get_music_artist" line 9)
invoked from within
"get_music_artist $artist $dir"

I have testing anythings, but now im at the end of my knowledge.

Have anybody a solution or my problem?

Sorry for my english ^^



thanks to o_dog. Ive found a entry about:
"try creating a empty file called:
I do this, now the resort working the moment ^^

Thank you

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