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Honestly I am behind, and not just a little behind, but very behind, there is not enough hours in the day and I am finding it very difficult lately to spend more than 8hrs/day trying to juggle coding/testing/support, a typically day is closer to 10-12 hours. The kids, the family, they all miss their dad, even though I work from a home office I can't just drop what I'm doing all the time, you know.

The biggest problem has been somewhat ironic, I've been working on replacing the FlashFXP installer for a few months now, knowing that Windows 8 has problems with it, well Windows Security Essentials specifically. Sometimes it can take up to 5 minutes scanning the installer before continuing, I tested quite a few, settled on InstallAware, threw down the big bucks thinking everything would go smoothly, sadly I was mistaken, A project that should of taken a week turned into a month, and now I'm struggling to work out all the little unexpected issues.

As far as FlashFXP Unicode goes.. I branched the Unicode port about 9 months ago and I realized that trying to maintain two separate branches of code is too time consuming (5 months later), So I have decided to focus on releasing v4.3 final and as soon as its out the door I plan to resume work on the Unicode edition.

The Unicode edition is about 3-4 months behind in bug fixes/changes compared to the ANSI edition.

The internal editor is completely broken and will be most likely abandoned once work resumes.

I had considered releasing an alpha version but I just have too much on my plate right now.
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