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Preferences > Transfer

Mode: Auto, smart mode handling enabled

On Transfer Complete (default)

[x] Reset and retry failed transfers
[x] Show confirmation

Retry Failed Transfers

Upload: 3 times
Download: 3 times
Site to site: 0 times


Transfer > Options

Stalled Transfers

[x] Restart transfer if no data transferred for 45 seconds

All these are my settings but still if a file stops it just disconnects and stays disconnected. However, only sometimes does it actually seem to work and reconnect, but then rather than resuming the previous file, it puts an X beside it in the queue and moves on to the next file.

[14:27:37] Transfer Timed Out
[14:27:42] [R] ABOR
[14:27:42] [R] Transfer Failed!
[14:27:42] [R] SIZE 12345.mp3
[14:28:43] [R] Connection lost: <ip
[14:28:45] [R] Attempting to Reconnect.

Any proper fix for this timeout thing? I want the queue to be first priority and to automatically keep connecting/transferring it to clear it from top to bottom unless i force it to stop
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