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That's working as intended and is actually an added feature. I'm actually surprised other window's based FTPs allow you to download an incoming file. Do they handle things gracefully like glftpd under linux does so that the download continues at the senders speed if you've caught up to the sender, or do they just report end of file and things fail CRC checks on the receiver?

The primary reason I added the locking feature is for zip re-writing. If you have a zip file and you strip out/add NFOs you don't want anybody downloading the file before you've had a chance to perform that action.

The other big reasons are to prevent transfer of incomplete files and preserve speeds. What do you do if the sender closes the connection or if it fails the CRC check? Both of those are relatively rare events, but the far more common case is trying to download an upload in progress and the sender is doing 50k/sec on a 100MB file. Avoiding that scenario is somewhere between impossible (if the slowdown hasn't occurred yet), or hard (examining the uploaders average BW from a particular host)...
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