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Default ioNinja + Nxtools for dupe fuction

just an info:

until a few months ago, I used the old version of ioFTPD (5.8.5r) on Win7 32bit with nxtools, phpsio and Alcobot.

Now, I want know if is possibile have the result for dupe command in mainchan and not private
and if is possible have the same spam of Alcobot, based under the command site search of nxtools, for have the correct position of the releases.

just an example:

<20:18:58> Obama: .dupe gaudino wanna dance
<20:18:59> |Berlusconi|: Dupe:
<20:19:00> |Berlusconi|: [01] - /MP3/0911/ - Alex_Gaudino_Feat._Taboo_-_I_Dont_Wanna_Dance********
<20:19:01> |Berlusconi|: [02] - /MP3/0903/ - Alex_Gaudino_Feat._Taboo-I_Dont_Wanna_Dance-***********
<20:19:03> |Berlusconi|: [03] - /MP3/0626/ - Alex_Gaudino_Ft._Taboo_-_I_Dont_Wanna_Dance-*********

thanks in advance
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