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Lightbulb Bug or problem?

just now I open the dir ioFTPD/system and I found a bad files :O


LoL any idea ?

I using ioFTPD 7.7.3 + ioNinja + Nxtools.

Another thing, later much years only because on Win7 64bit the 5.8.5r doesnt work, I'm using the new ioftpd, but in MP3 section I found some incomplete dir, any idea about this ?

suddenly, sometime the transfer stops and it go maybe in timeout, I never got to see this.

just an example:

<10:41:28> [MP3]-[SFV] 1107/****-WEB-2012-*** :: now expecting 1 file(s).
<10:43:40> [MP3]-(NOTICE) Obama of MakeSomeNoise uploaded a bad file (crc-mismatch) in **WEB-2012-***.

see the time..

Some ideas?

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