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Default Diffrent speed on two computers.

I have problem, which I can't solve. I have to computers. Old PC with Windows 7 Pro 32bit and laptop with Windows 7 Home 64.

On PC everything is fine, transfer speed from ftp is max what can i get with my Internet (~7MB/s). But on laptop transfer speed is horrible. I use exactly same settings and max transfer which can I get is 1MB/s. What is 7 times less than on PC. And it's max, because usually it's 0,5-0,8MB/s. I tried with cable and WIFI. With router and connect it direct to modem.

Same internet connection, same time, same FTP and completely different transfer. What can I do to improve? I've tried to change buffer, but didn't help.

Everything except FlashFXP works fine. I have to use crappy Flashget to be able to download anything from FTP (flashget don't have any issues to get ~7MB/s from FTP) . But I want to use FlasxFXP because is the best client.

Can someone help me?
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