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Originally Posted by simoni View Post
the question its that when i made a transfer between two server (sftp to ftp), it made a first tranfer at good velocity, and when it finish, start again the process at bad velocity. It says "entering passive mode".
Its not possible to make the transfer only one time?

Sorry for the english¡
SFTP Protocol is Incompatible with FTP protocol in principle you cannot transfer files directly in between these protocols. You cannot do it in one time, its impossible to FXP in between incompatible protocols.

Like Bigstar says FXP is only possible inbetween two FTP servers.

FlashFXP allows you to do this, by downloading the file and then automatically (read without user input) uploads the downloaded file to the other server. (like a fake bridge in between the two sides)

the speeds recorded depend on what servers your using and their location. you dont specify where SFTP is (local or remote) or where FTP is (local or remote) (local=LAN or remote=WAN)

Be lucky that FlashFXP allows you this at all. Most clients (almost 99%) do not support anything even similar to this.
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