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Question transfer-time-question


as usual a fxp-transfer is started with "retr xxx" which (should)result in a response code 150. after all data was sent, the server uses a response code 226 which makes flashfxp closing the file. somehow the time taken for the transfer is incorrect:

[16:29:08] RETR X06-0266005.pdf
[16:29:08] 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for X06-0266005.pdf (1575674 bytes).
[16:32:49] 226 Transfer complete.
[16:32:55] Transferred: X06-0266005.pdf 1,50 MB in 03:47 (6,89 KBps)

so the real transfer lasted from 16:29:08 to 16:32:49 - this is 3 mins 41 secs. flashfxp shows 3 mins 47 secs.

this seems to happen always to me. my system load is below 10%, my processor, ram is fast enough also the transferred file is saved to a scsi-drive.

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