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Default Windows 2008 server - FlashFXP scheduler now broken

I have been running FlashFXP on a Windows 2008 server with scheduled tasks just fine for several months. I was running v 4.2.3 Build 1771.

When I updated to 4.2.5 Build 1813 - scheduled tasks stopped working.

They are setup correctly - I edited and double checked them - but they will not execute when logged out of the server.

If I load the queue file and manually transfer - everything works fine. The sessions and the queue files are correct.

I thought maybe it was the server, so I built a new one from scratch using Windows 2008 R2 - same problem. FlashFXP works fine, but scheduled tasks do not execute.

What changed from 4.23 to 4.25 in how FlashFXP interacts with Windows Scheduler?


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