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Default behind proxy

I am trying to connect to ftp server behing websense proxy (again!)
Required format is :

[14:01:14] [R] Connecting to  - Proxy via Proxy -> PORT=2121 (attempt # 9)
[14:01:14] [R] Connected to  - Proxy via Proxy
[14:01:14] [R] 220-websense Content Gateway Ftp Proxy Ready
[14:01:14] [R] 220-        Please use the 
[14:01:14] [R] 220-                username@ftp-server-name format, e.g.
[14:01:14] [R] 220         for the user name prompt!
Option USER %user@%host is not available.
Option 12 and Option 14 dont seem to work

FlashFXP version
OS: Windows 7 SP1
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