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Default FlashFXP 4.2.5 released

FlashFXP v4.2.5 Maintenance release

Registered users can download the update via the update check feature within FlashFXP.

Improved features
  • Improved the aborting procedure of FTP file transfers to take into consideration delayed replies from the FTP server.
  • Improved SFTP compatibility with Sun_SSH, Previous versions were unable to upload.
  • Improved SFTP compatibility with mod_sftp, Previous versions could corrupt the file during upload.
  • Improved SFTP upload transfer speed (50-70% faster) with many SFTP servers.
  • Improved support for FlashFXP running on legacy versions of Windows and Windows with themes disabled.
  • Improved file date/time handling on FTP servers that use the older LIST style directory output. If the file time is not available then date/time comparison is limited to the date.
  • Improved preserve date/time on upload to ensure the date/time is set, if the control connection is lost at the end of the file transfer then the set file date/time operation is en-queued until the connection can be restored.
New Features
  • Added an option to randomly select a toolbar background on start-up.
  • Added an option to turn off TCP/IP keep-alives and adjust the keep-alive interval.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a rare critical section dead lock the threaded event timer. I suspect that this issue caused the remote edit feature in FlashFXP to malfunction, as well as other event related features.
  • Fixed multiple issues that could cause FlashFXP to crash on start up when run as a scheduled task.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the user from saving a queue file to disk.
  • Fixed an issue where the local or remote browser were ending up in different locations after transferring a file. Sometimes one would revert back to the original location prior to the transfer, or use the default path stored in the site profile.
  • Fixed several user-interface glitches where the content wasn't properly updated or redrawn.
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