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I took a second look at your logs and I noticed something that seems inconsistent.

[12:30:00] Transfer Timed Out 
[12:30:05] [R] ABOR 
[12:30:05] [R] Transfer Failed! 
[12:30:05] [R] SIZE IESP-BAK_10.r02 
[12:30:05] [R] 226 Transfer complete. 
[12:30:05] [R] PWD 
[12:30:07] [R] 500 Unknown command. 
[12:30:07] [R] 213 166566543 
[12:30:07] [R] 257 "/"
It looks like the input or output buffer isn't completely cleared after the transfer abort, I suspect that this might be part of the problem, so let me see about getting this resolved and we can go from there.
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